Mail Tag is a fun game played through the post.

The rules: The game begins when one person writes down one or more requests and mails them to another person. That person then, in turn, responds to those requests, writes some of their own and sends them back - repeat ad infinitum! The game has no end and you can request as many things as you see fit. Ideally, your requests should be inexpensive and post friendly and not too difficult for your penpal to respond to.

If you need ideas for what to request, feel free to use the Random Mail Tag Request Generator button on the sidebar. If you'd like to download and print out the rules to mail tag, click here.

If you use Instagram feel free to use the hashtag #mailtag when you take photos of the things you send and receive.

If you'd like to get in touch about mail tag related things, feel free to email me at :)